- Free In-House Course - 22 Minutes To Understanding Solar & Battery Storage in Townsille

How to Get Best Solar & Battery Storage For Your Home or Business Without Confusion, Stress, and Wasted Time Even If You Have No Idea Where To Begin...

You Know You Want Solar Power, And Maybe Also Battery Storage - But Everything Is Full of Jargon So It Is Hard To Understand.   Our 20 Minute Course Makes It Simple Again.  

In The First 3 Minutes - All The Mystery About The Process Is Gone

There are only a few things you need to know and understand to make a great decision.  In about 3 minutes - you will get how simple it is.  It has been made complicated so that the large marketers can confuse you, and bully you into buying their brands or options.

All the "jargon" is translated to words that make sense, or removed completely.  

Once you understand the process, and the right questions you need to have answered - it becomes easy.  There are only a few terms that you need to know - and you will.

Every Important Question Answered.  And Every Question Is Important.  There Is No Rush, No Reason To Worry or Stress.

There is no reason to panic about solar and storage options.  Yes, your power bills are rising faster than your lawn is dying - but taking your time and learning the basics before making a decision will mean that you will still be happy with your decision in a year or a decade when you look back.  It takes less time than you thought to get a good handle on this, and we have a super-duper coffee machine and a fridge full of bickies so everyone can get through the 22 minute mini-course.

After the mini-course you will have all the information you need to make a great choice, and to be able to compare options sensibly.  

After your mini-course, when you are ready - we will guide you through the process you have just learned so the best options for your home or business solar power simply jumps out and grabs you.  We are there to check over your logic and calculations - and to answer any little questions or queries that slip into the back of your mind.  

Solar Power & Battery Storage Mini-Course Is The First Step To Defend Against That Giant Cash Sucking Vacuum That ERGON Uses On Your Wallet...

Just 22 Minutes In Our Ingham Road Display Centre - And you will know more useful information about Solar & Battery Storage than 95% of people in the world.


Simple language, easy to follow worksheet (we will help you - it is easy!)  No pressure or selling.  You can use our training to make the best decisions for you - from any supplier.


You will love it.  Friendly and knowledgeable presenters will take you step-by-step through everything you need to know.  No baffle or BS. 


Avoid Mistakes With Your Electricity: Take Our 22 Minute Solar Bootcamp Today!